Honda RA272 #11 Richie Ginther Winner GP.Mexico F1 1965 (Autoart 86597)

A Little History on the Honda RA272: 
The Honda RA272 was a Formula One racing car used by the Honda team in the 1965 Formula One season.
A successor to the Honda RA271, the RA272 was noticeable mainly for its technically advanced (though rather wide and heavy) 48-valve 1,495.28 cc V12 engine, a water-cooled, transversely mounted unit which reportedly gave 230 bhp (170 kW) at 13,000 rpm. The engine was safe to 14,000 rpm, which was unusually high for a 1960s engine design.
The Honda V12 had staggering acceleration and often led the race into the opening lap after leaving the stationary starting grid. It led the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix from start to finish, driven by Richie Ginther, making it the first Japanese car to win a Formula One Grand Prix.
Diecast Version in Review:
Release Date: April 2016
The model is externally very good, perfect painting and tampo printing.
The front is well detailed, the radiator grille is metal, you can see several deposits with rubber hoses, a detail I like is carrying a chrome piece imitating the metal flanges.
The car's nose and engine cover  can be removed with 3 screws. (Not Recommended)
Curious detail is that the car comes with a plate to put it on (with the serial number) ,the car as a good signature is very detailed.
The suspension -  is very well reproduced and functional (or at least they say they are)
Tires - are well reproduced although missing the inflation valves, these cannot be removed 
Wheels, disc brakes are well detailed and the disc rotates when the wheels rolling

The Cocpit is well detailed, the seat is plastic and does not have a safety harness (something typical of the time). The gear shift is also clearly visible on the right.
Steering wheel is well detailed, as is the dashboard with speed dialers rpm etc, behind this the wiring the wiring is also visible and very detailed as expected

The engine is well detailed, transparent hoses on the engine makes it very easy to see the rest of the components, the 6 exhaust manifold pipes are made of metal and narrow beautifully into two single exhaust pipes
 Overall the model is an excellent replica, the detail are close to one of the best we have seen
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