1:18 Porshce 944 S2 Cabriolet Limited Edition 1000 Pieces World Wide


R 2,360.00 

The 944 Was Porsche'S Mid Range Sport Car Positioned Between The 924 And 911. It Used A Rear-Wheel Drive Water Cooled 4 Cylinder Engine Mounted At The Front Of The Car, The Gearbox Is Mounted At The Rear Providing Better Weight Distribution Which Results In One Of The Best Handling Cars To Come Out Of The 80'S. The S2'S Engine Capacity Was Raised To 3-Litres Making It The Largest 4 Cylinder Engine In The World At That Time And It Provided An Impressive 211 Hp And A Torque Of 207 Lb.

Manufacturer: GT SPIRIT

Scale: 1:18

Type: Resin

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