My First Train/Country Trip


R 355.00 R 505.00

COUNTRY TRIP Each basic set includes 2 robust, easy to assemble pieces of inter-connecting tracks. Each piece is approximately 380 x 380 mm. Once the track layout is created, place the
battery operated train into the track slot and off it goes! The set also includes easy to assemble figures and buildings which can then be incorporated into the track layout, allowing the
train to pass through. Suitabl e for Ages 3+. The locomotive requires 1 x 1,5 V AA battery (not included). Each set can be extended with additional puzzle (H, C, X) that are sold separately
with a track, which can be: level, bend, straight hill, hill bend, columns. CONTAINS: 1 locomotive, 1 wagon, 2 puzzle railway surfaces, 1 carton composable station, 3 carton composable
trees, 4 carton composable signal set, 11 carton composable animals.

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