Proxxon - Drill sharpener BSG 220 and one FREE Adapters for sharpening of small drill bits to the value of R535.00


R 2,100.00 
SKU: PROX21200 & 21232


The sharpening operation is controlled exactly by means of the movable carriage.

This moves from left to right and also rotates the drill bit on its own axis. This operation yields the correct relief angle. The carriage is fitted with a feed screw for fine feed. A dressing stone, ensuring a sharp cutting surface, is also fitted.

Other technical data:
230V, 85W. Corundum grinding disc size 50 x 13mm. ABS housing with fixing holes. Weight 1.7kg. An easy to understand operating manual and replacement disc accompany the unit.


Adapters for sharpening of small drill bits TO THE VALUE OF R535.00 FREE WITH DRILL SHARPNER 

These adapters extend the BSG 220’s range to cover 1.5 - 3mm. One each adapter for sizes 1.5 - 1.6 - 2 - 2.4 - 2.5 and 3mm. Neatly packed in a wooden box with sliding lid.

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