R 180.00 
SKU: REV03604

Art.No.:: 03604
Age : 8+
Number of parts:21
170 mm Length
97 mm Wingspan

Easykit - All parts are of course finished lacquered and already printed. Just put it together and get started immediately.

The modified T-47 Airspeeder, manufactured by Incom Corporation, reaches a speed of 1100 miles per hour, but is not suitable for use as a space-based aircraft. The new Star Wars plastic model sets for gluing and painting are now available for more than 10 years , As one of the most widespread spaceship types in the Star Wars galaxy, the T-47 is found in almost every industrialized world. The T-47, revised by the rebels, is known as Snowspeeder and is used in the Battle of the Hisp, to keep the advancing AT-AT at bay. At the same time, the modifications included technical modifications in order to be able to immediately freeze the drive systems. Thanks to the high speeds, the snowspeed is hard to hit. The resistant ropes, which were originally intended for the transport of heavy loads and were effectively used against the AT-ATs, are fired by means of harpoons. The pilot who shares his back-to-back with the shooter's dashboard can, if required, also take over the complete weapon control aside from the navigation.

Warnings: Attention! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts Danger of suffocation!

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