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Art.No.:: 06471
Age : 8+
Number of parts:31
437mm Length

The Triceperatops was the largest and most famous horn dinosaurs and is widely regarded as the last representative of its kind. It belongs to the Ceratopsier family, which inhabited the earth about 144 to 65 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. The terrifying-looking Triceratops was a pure herbivore and reached a length of about 9 meters with a weight of 8.5 tonnes. The huge neck shield protected him from gags while the approximately 1 meter long horns represented an effective weapon, which even gave the Tyrannosaurus Rex severe and even fatal injuries. The Triceratops was a herd of bulls and carried out tough hunting battles.

Contents: 1 plastic model kit, 4 aqua color paints, brushes and glue.

Large display plate with structure,
Movable legs, movable lower jaw,
Two separate horns,
Movable head

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