Our story begins in the city of Bern, Germany in 1933. The German chancellor Adolf Hitler, a representative of Daimler-Benz, Jakob Verlin, and the famous inventor and developer, Ferdinand Porsche had a meeting concerning the future of the German automobile industry. Chancellor asked the German vehicle manufacturers to develop a “suitable small car”. Hitler advocated for the development of an inexpensive and reliable car of decent quality, which should be affordable for every working person. Eventually, in 1934, Porsche submitted the best design and received the contract. The new car was named accordingly: “The People’s Car” (In German: “Volks-Wagen”).

There is a reason, why Ferdinand Porsche is considered a legendary constructor. It took him only ten months to develop a prototype, which met all the requirements. The new car was named Volkswagen Type 1, but it is better known as Volkswagen Beetle.

Volkswagen Beetle became the best-selling car in history during the following decades. It was manufactured and marketed by the German automaker Volkswagen (VW) from 1938 until 2003. According to official statistics, 21,549,464 VW Beetles left the factory between 1938 and 2003.

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