We have in stock a number of books that will be of interest to educators, hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, light industry operators, model builders and many other hobbies and trades.. Basically anybody using or being interested in the safe use of power tools, specifically stationary machines, independent of size. These books cover various woodworking and metalworking machines, their uses, attachments, tricks of the trade as well as additional operations such as spring making, material hardening and tempering, etc.

Much information is available on the internet, but our books bring together a wealth of knowledge, easy to store and access at any time.

It is important to remember machines are not toys. Always observe the safety rules and ensure power is switched  off and the  receptacle removed from the socket  when changing blades. Always observe the manufacturer’s instructions.


Rockwell, or Rockwell Delta, underwent a number of name changes over the approx 60 years of their existence. This USA company produced top quality machines for schools, DIY and light industry uses. Many South Africans used these machines at school  and they are remembered fondly. Many of these Delta machines are still in daily use and most accessories and spare parts are still available. Please contact us in this regard. It should be noted many machines from the far east are copies of the original Delta machines and the books apply to these and other manufacturers too.

A complete library of handsome, books that is clearly written and well illustrated.  A great way to Increase the performance of Your Delta Home Shop Machinery.

Each “ How To” textbook contains  a wealth of information: the many jobs you can handle on a particular machine, type of operations that can be performed using accessories, safety considerations, and lots more.

The three project books  (all hard cover) offer you a wide variety of quaint ideas with projects suitable for the beginner to those that will challenge even the expert.


The workshop series of books was originally from MAP (Model and Allied Publishing) and imported into South Africa by Magazine Centre in Johannesburg. Many of the older titles have been updated and will now again be available from More than Diecast.

Apart from the Workshop Series noted above, a number of books featuring Myford lathes and accessories as well as other lathes and milling machines is to be found in this section.

These books cover lathes, milling machines (the common or garden drill press is to be found in the Delta books section). Numerous operations, tricks, setting up and the like are covered. Titles addressing screwcutting, gearcutting/dividing, cutter sharpening, etc. Both novices and seasoned users will find new ideas and operations.


The slogan “Tools not Toys” from Sherline is a very apt description. These mini machine tools offer the options exactly as their bigger brothers and should be treated with the same respect.

The books cover basic to complex home , laboratory and specialist workshop operations, as well as standard machines and referencing CNC based systems.

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