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All model engineers are occasionally faced with an operation which lies outside of their usual experience, particularly for those whose normal occupation is unrelated to engineering. This book provides all the answers.

With over 430 line drawings and photographs, plus over 250 pages of detailed instruction, this is a comprehensive reference book for all model engineers. The author covers all matters ranging from setting up a workshop and the use of various machines and tools to processes such as knurling, reaming, milling in the lathe, screw threads, soldering and brazing, dividing as well as regular and more specialised workshop techniques.

Ian Bradley, who died in 1995, had a lifetime’s experience in precision engineering and contributed articles to Model Engineer magazine for over 50 years. During that period, thousands of engineers had come to regard this book as the first point of reference to turn to when a new aspect of the hobby presented itself.

Contents: The Workshop; The Lathe; The Drilling Machine; Belt Drives; The Shaping Machine; The Milling Machine; Chucks; Mandrels; Lathe Tools; Knurling; Lathe Operations; Taper Turning; Lapping; Toolmakers Buttons; Milling in the Lathe; Dividing in the Lathe; Dividing; Drills & Drilling; Countersinking and Counterboring; Cutting Screw Threads; Cuting Screw Threads in the Lathe; Measuring Equipment; Marking Out; The Dial Indicator; Suds Equipment; Lathe Overhead Drives; Soldering, Brazing & Case Hardening; Compressed Air in the Workshop; Some Additional Workshop Tools; The Back Tool Post; Reamers.

First published in 1950
Second Edition by Model & Allied Publications in 1971
Revised Third edition 1976
First paperback edition by Argus Books in 1984
Special Interest Model Books edition published in 2002

210 x 148 mm
256 pages
200 black & white photographs
272 b+w plans & diagrams

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