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The table saw is also referred to as a circular saw. “Getting the most out of your table saw” is published as a service to power tool users. Different sizes, models and makes of machines vary in their performance, features and ease of operation. The author and editor have endeared to make the information contained in this manual as general as possible, therefore this book’s content is applicable to other makes as well.

The table saw is one of the most basic and useful tools to be found in the home workshop. It is therefore quite common to find it being one of the first stationery machines in a beginner’s workshop. It can be used for almost all simple cutting operations with a minimum of effort and maximum of efficiency. However, the table saw can also be utilised in a wide field of complex and intricate operations.

The table saw is a safe tool. BUT, as with any power tool, certain safety precautions must be followed. These procedures are included throughout the book and detailed in chapter 2. For clarity, guards and other safety devices have been removed from illustrations depicting procedures described by the text. To avoid injury the operator should insure that the guards and other safety devices are in place and properly operating before using the saw. You should also be attentive to future improvements and new development techniques for guards and other devices which will enhance the safe operation of the saw.

This book was designed to accommodate both the beginner, wanting to learn the basics operations of the table saw, and the skilled artisan needing information about complex area of sawing or one of the other applications of this valuable tool.

“Getting The Most out of your Table Saw” is filled with all the information you will need to work with one of the oldest known stationery power tools used for woodworking.  Suitable blades will allow you to cut all types of wood, aluminum and most plastics. Popular wood joints, special saw and dado operations and how to use the moulding cutter head are just some of the tips you will find in this book.

Originally published in 1937, this hand book has been reprinted many times, and has evolved into both a compendium and final word about the table saw. This most recent edition includes all applicable information from previous editions, as well as the latest in woodworking techniques.

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