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All professional engineers have a little book in which they jot down those  notes of fact, figures and formulae which they feel that they are likely to need on future occasions. It is always more convenient to look up one’s own records than to wade through a lot of associated, but irrelevant material, especially as this may mean a trip to the reference library. Over a period of years, the contents of such notebooks grow to cover a wealth of vital information, and the time saved can be considerable.

During his professional life, Tubal Cain filled three such books and, as a lifelong engineer, he is in a unique position to select (and add to) the material most useful to the amateur engineer.

Model Engineer’s Handbook comprises a compilation of those tables, facts, procedures and data which the author himself found valuable in his model engineering activities and it provides a real mine of information to which you will return again and again. Not the least of its attributes is the use, where appropriate, of data and calculations in both Imperial and SI units, so that all generations of model engineers can feel at home.

In this third edition, all the existing data has been updated or re-arranged for greater clarity and much new matter has been added to provide an even more comprehensive book, indispensable to the expert and beginner alike.

Contents: SI Units and Metrication; Workshop Calculations; Standard Tapers and Collets; Screw Threads; Workshop Practice; Metal Joining; Properties of Materials; Steam and the Steam Engine; Air and Gases; Bolier Work; Piston and Gland Seals; Electrical Memoranda; General Moel Engineering.

Tubal Cain was the pen name of engineer and craftsman Tom Walshaw, the writer of many best-selling home workshop and model engineering guides.

First published by Argus Books in 1981;
Second revised edition 1986;
Third revised edition published by Nexus Special Interests in 1996;
Special Interest Model Books edition published in 2003

210 x 148 mm
240 pages
Over 200 tables and diagrams

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