R 730.00 
SKU: REV06753

Art.No.:: 06753
Age : 6+
Number of parts:21
210 mm Length

Kit for building and playing the Resistance X-Wing Fighter from the new Star Wars movie "The Awakening of Power".

The full-scale Galactic Civil War began with the Battle of Scarif, a costly but significant victory for the Alliance. The Alliance's Rogue One strike team disobeyed orders and deployed itself to Scarif in a desperate bid to steal the technical readouts for the Empire's Death Star battle station, and was subsequently joined by the Alliance Fleet. X-wings from Red Squadron, Green Squadron, and Blue Squadron engaged Imperial TIEs and attempted to destroy the Shield Gate, while the capital ships joined the Shield Gate assault and fought the Imperial Star Destroyers. Shortly after the Alliance acquired the Death Star plans, the Death Star arrived at Scarif and fired a low-power blast at the Citadel Tower, killing all forces at the Imperial surface installation.

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