Beginners Airbrush


R 327.00 
SKU: REV29701

Airbrushing is probably the most sophisticated method of applying colour to a surface. Perfect colour blending and special effects can only be achieved with an Airbrush. The reason for this versatility lies in the fact that when airbrushing, one does not come into contact with the surface to be painted. Evenhard and uneven surfaces can be accurately sprayed with an Airbrush.
The new improved Starter Class Airbrush is an uncomplicated and inexpensive model for beginners. The paint container can now be separated from the grip using the Easy Click system, which considerably improves airbrush handling. Additionally, the new ergonomic design ensures that the airbrushing lies comfortably in the hand.
This Airbrush works on the external mixing principle. Using this system the colour does not have to pass through any fine mechanics, which allows this Airbrush to handle thicker mediums than an Airbrush which mix colours internally. This is of course very important when a flawless finish is required by the modeller. The Spray Gun Set also includes a compressed air hose and a propellant regulator for the connection of a compressed gas dispenser. The propellant regulator and the compressed air hose form the connection between the gas dispenser and the Airbrush.
Contains new Starter Class Airbrush, air hose and propellant regulator.

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