Intelligent Powerbase Charging Station from Ansmann Germany


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Powerbase - THE INTELLIGENT ALL ROUND Li-ION, NiMH and Pb CHARGER and analyser for 12/24V DC and mains operation for all areas of model sport and automotive needs.

The micro processor-control multi-charger for mains and automobile operation is designed for 1-16 cell rechargeable NiCD/NiMh battery packs and 1-5 cell rechargeable Li-ION/Li-Po battery packs. The charging current can be continuously regulated through the entire cell range from 200 mA to 5 A. The charging procedure is monitored using the delta peak for rechargeable NiCD/NiMH battery packs and using the CCCV procedure for rechargeable Li-ION/Li-Po battery packs. An external temperature sensor monitors the rechargeable battery pack temperature. NiCd/NiMH or Li-ION/Li-Po is selected manually and the cell count can be detected automatically or selected manually for new unformatted cells. During the charging procedure, a straight-forward LCD display indicates the charging current, current voltage, cell count, operating mode and type of the rechargeable battery pack. Furthermore, during the entire charging process, the charged-in capacity is measured and displayed at the touch of a button. Using the discharge mode, which allows rechargeable NiCD/NiMH battery packs with cell voltage of up to 0.9 V to be automatically discharged, the rechargeable battery pack can be tested. Here, information,such as the rechargeable battery pack current and discharge capacity can be queried via the display. In addition to the visual display, various of the charger, such as the end of charge or rechargeable battery pack error are indicated by an acoustic alarm. An error code in the LCD display indicates the error type, such as defect or incorrectly rechargeable battery pack, incorrect cell count, etc. 

Type: Powerbase

Use: NiMH battery packs 1-16 cells(1.2-19.2V)

Li-ION /Li Po battery packs 1-5 cells (3.7-18.5V)

Pb (Lead Acid Batteries)

Charging Current: from 200 to 5000 mA multistage adjustable

Discharge current: 1-8 cells 2000mA , 9-16 cells 1000mA

Discharge up to 0.9V per cell

Charge Characteristics: Delta pack for NiMH. 

CCCV technology for Li-ION / Li Po

Input: 12 - 24V DC or 220V AC

Output: 1.2V (19.2) DC

Acoustic signal and LCD indication for complete charge, wrong polarity,

Overheating and wrong number of cells

Automatic recognition of wrong polarity of cells

Charging of lead acid (Pb) batteries can only be performed manually.
This means the charging voltage and current must be adjusted to suit the battery. The charging current is typically 5% of the Ah capacity. It is important to constantly monitor this charging regime. 


1 x Battery charger

1 x Charge cable with Tamiya plug

1 x Charge cable with crocodile clips

1 x Operating instructions




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