Grey Knights Terminator Caddon Vibova


R 2,467.00 
SKU: JT 3228

The Warhammer 40K Space Marine Grey Knights Terminator Incanus Neodan on this new assortment of 1/18 scale figures. Every determine consists of interchangeable palms and weapon gear. This Terminator Squad Crew Member 1/18 scale determine wields a sturdy large hammer in a single hand and packs a punch with the opposite hand. Battle the daemonic entities with this Grey Knight decide and add it to your assortment.
Product Decisions
·Product Scale: 1:18
·Material: ABS PVC
·Packing size(mm):185*200*100
·Release: 11,2022
·Applicable Age: 17+
·UPC: 6973130373228
Box Contents
·Terminator Caddon Vibova determine
·3 Hand items
·Tome piece

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