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SKU: REV06722

Art.No.:: 63722
Age : 7+
Number of parts: 21 Length: 100 mm Wingspan 155mm

In support of Anakin and Obi-Wan at the battle for Coruscant, a squadron of ARC-170 Fighters escorts the two Jedis. The clone pilots have the task of distracting the hunters of the trade federation and thus the Jedi the way to clear the republic absolutely loyally. With the obedient obedience they received at the Kamino breeding station, these courageous fighters voluntarily sacrifice themselves for the Jedi to fulfill their mission. The Klonpiloten also have the skills of the head-hunter Jango Fett and put themselves in the way of the opponents to death. Their reconnaissance hunters have a 1.5-class hyper-drive as well as torpedoes and laser guns. However, they are less manoeuvrable than the Jedi Starfighter and only the skill of the three-man crew decides on the fate of the ARC-170 ......

- Finely engraved surfaces
- Moving cockpit hatch
- Replica cockpit
- Pilot figure

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