Adepta Sororitas Battle Sisters Order of the Bloody Rose Sister Lonell


R 1,690.00 
SKU: JT 4522

The figure stands at a 1/18 scale and is made from high-quality, durable materials. The intricate details on the armor, weaponry, and accessories have been carefully crafted, making the figure a true work of art. The character’s distinctive armor, which is adorned with the iconic red and black colors of the Order of the Bloody Rose, has been recreated with exceptional accuracy, complete with intricate etchings and sculpted details.
Product Description
·Product Scale: 1:18
·Material: ABS PVC
·Packing size(mm):185*200*100
·Release: 2,2023
·Applicable Age: 15+
Box Contents
·Sister Lonell figure
·2 submachine guns
·4 extra hands

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