1/8 GST Genesis Super Truck 7.7 RTR With a 2.4GHz Radio


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This is the CEN Racing GST 7.7 1/8 Scale Nitro Ready to Run Monster Truck. You want the biggest, baddest Monster Truck on the market? CEN Racing wanted to provide the biggest, baddest MT on the market and outdid themselves by developing the Genesis Super Truck 7.7. The GST 7.7 is the biggest truck you can buy, and is larger than any other truck in its class.

When you park it next to the competition, the others don't look so tough anymore!
The heart of the GST 7.7 is its 5 horsepower NX7.7 engine. This is the the largest engine ever used in a RC Monster Truck, and features a revised recoil start assembly, a sharp looking black anodized heat sink cylinder head, and an updated crankshaft that allows for better airflow. What does this all mean for the GST 7.7? This means increased power and increased reliability! With the NX7.7 engine, the large displacement offers brutal torque to pull super high wheelies, climb the steepest hills, or just plain drag your buddy's weak 4.6cc powered monster truck around the backyard.

The GST 7.7 also features three fully sealed 6-gear differentials, with aluminum housings that are one of the strongest differential systems in the industry. The diffs can be filled with silicone oil for racing, but if pulling wheelies and drag racing are more your style, replace the center diff gears with the included center lock and start pulling wheelies till your nitro is gone! But the fun doesn't stop there, not only does the GST 7.7 feature brute torque, thanks to the 3 speed transmission, the NX 7.7 engine can propel the GST up to an astounding 40mph!!! And with the GST 7.7’s reverse module, you could go 40mph in reverse or forward! The gargantuan 7.5 inch low profile tires with chrome wheels dwarf everything else out there. Along with the wheels, the truck's body has been pre-painted in one of the best looking schemes to ever be included with a Ready to Rock truck.

NOTE: The vehicle shown may not be an accurate representation of the color you will receive. Colors are selected randomly. The CEN Racing GST 7.7 Nitro 1/8 Scale Monster Truck model CEG9509 is available in three different colors, red, green and blue. If you would like a specific color, please contact our customer service department prior to placing your order and we will do our best to honor your request.

In Depth Features:
CEN NX 7.7 Engine: The NX 7.7 engine is more powerful, more reliable and much more efficient. Features include a starting system that is made to withstand daily use and punishment. The NX 7.7 now comes with a re-designed carburetor that allows for easier tuning capabilities along with a much more fuel efficient delivery system that does not sacrifice power. The powerband on the NX 7.7 is smooth, yet provides more torque than any other nitro powered engine.

3 Speed Forward / Reverse Transmission: The GST 7.7 comes with an automatic 3 speed transmission that is fully adjustable. This transmission allows the GST 7.7 to reach speeds of 40+ mph.

Aluminum Diff case with 6 gear differential: The GST 7.7 includes a super strong aluminum differential case that houses the ultra strong 6-gear differential. This is by far the strongest differential system ever developed in the industry.

7.5 inch Chrome wheel: The GST 7.7 is equipped with 7.5" Chrome wheels with V-treaded high grip tires. These wheels are anodized in shinny chrome giving the GST 7.7 a unique look and stand out from the ordinary white wheels.
23mm Wheel Hexes: CEN Racing uses 23mm wheel hex hubs on the GST 7.7. These new wheel hex's are 23% larger then the original design. With respect to the power of the NX 7.7 engine, the enlarged the wheel hex provides more durability.

8mm CVS: Huge heavy duty CVS (constant velocity shafts) are included. These shafts allow for better handling through bumps and best of all are super heavy duty. Made of hardened steel.

"MTM" Metal brake system: Stopping the massive GST 7.7 is no match for the MTM 4 disc metal brake system. This system stops the powerful GST 7.7 on a dime. Features include vented brake discs along with fully adjustable front and rear brake controls.
220cc Fuel Tank: Largest in 1/8 MT. The tank has a stone fuel pick up and O ring seal on the Cap. Less refueling and more Driving!

Durability you can see: The GST 7.7 use aerospace aluminum chassis components and CNC/Steel drivetrain parts throughout the truck. Heavy Duty shock towers, turnbuckle, handle bar, high impact bumper, list goes on. GST 7.7 is one of the most powerful, durable, and exciting trucks in the R/C industry.

8 shocks with functional reservoirs: These shocks are tuned for the track with white coated "stiff" racing springs. The functional reservoirs provide added stability for any terrain that dares to be in the GST 7.7's path.
Enclosed Receiver box and battery box: The GST 7.7 has a sealed Radio compartment that eliminates substances like dirt, dust, water, and oil from coming in contact with your receiver and battery. Better protection = More Fun

Fully equipped with Allen Hex Screws
Front, Center, and Rear differential
Alloy Hinge Pin Supports
Dual Vertical Chassis design (DVC)
Full Precision Ball Bearings
Hardened Steel 8mm (5/16inch) thick CVS
High Impact skidplate bumpers (Front and Rear)
Machined 1 piece motor mount with built in cooling fins
Heavy Duty Spindle and caster blocks with Alloy wheel hexes
Class: 1/8th Monster Truck
Power Source: 7.7cc Nitro Engine
Radio: Skyion 2.4GHz
Length: 23.1" (587mm)
Width: 18.4" (467mm)
Wheelbase: 15.63" (397mm)
Weight: 17lbs
Ground Clearance: 4" (111.8mm)
Suspension Travel: 5"

Needed to Complete:
(8) AA batteries for transmitter
(4) AA batteries for receiver or rechargeable receiver battery & charger
20-30% nitro fuel & fuel bottle
Glow ignitor

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